kids bedroom
cornish getaway

The kids bedroom
Cornish getaway is a very specific and unique project we had. Clients wanted to design interior for their holiday home in Cornwall. They had in mind something which would resonate with the surrounding area and nature. As an inspiration were houses and colours in Cornish style together with the hint of sea and nautical feel.

Lets be playful, imaginative, boats and sand castles...Dreamy right? That is exactly what we wanted for the kids room design. To fit boy and girl, siblings. Wardrobes ( or hiding place? ), to change to swimming suit quickly, comfy beds to dream about pirates, and playful area to draw that sand castles whilst at home;)

Dreamy but functional, hopefully they will like it.

Blue, sand, fishes, natural materials and many more to enhance your stay in this wonderful coastal home.
We can already smell the salt in the air, what about you?
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