Family place

The design
Conception Architects was proposed to design a day space for a family where they spent the most of the time, kitchen and living room.

Diana, the owner of the home loves light in home and so she can hold many of the herbs in kitchen and wide cabinet to store all her favourite items she collected through years. 
Table which sit at least 6 people was a must as their family and friends visit often. Because of many guests, we couldn't forget to include the wine rack in the cabinet, so your favourite wine is always on hand.

Benefit of these big metal windows are the connection with their garden and the nature around them. Nicely created garden almost looks like a painting behind the windows.

Even tough the actual fireplace was not an option in this case in living room, gas fireplace nicely replaced it and so the family can enjoy their evenings by the fire with a good book and glass of wine. Comfy big sofa to fit to everyone in family to enjoy comfortable laying around. 

The selection of materials were elegant, but also very natural and simple to reflect the family needs and values. Both owners are fans of natural wood and light interiors where they can feel the space and also comfort.

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