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Working in Nottingham for the past 5 years, I have noticed that there is a lack of green spaces, in the centre. 

"There has been many occasions, where I would have loved to relax in a park, amongst the trees in my Lunch break, but instead greeted with the bustling streets of Nottingham. Of course there is the market square, which is great for people watching, but the concrete and congestion of people crossing over each-others paths makes me feel trapped."

Exciting new projects are beginning in Nottingham, such as the redevelopment of Nottinghams Boots Island which is costing 900 Million, and Intu Broadmarsh costing 1.1 billion. These are huge spaces and there is lots of opportunity to build green spaces, or atrium spaces into the designs. Broadmarsh could create a city park, to provide a space for people to relax within the city, and connect with the spaces a lot more. There is evidence that providing green spaces in urban environments, can promote physical and mental heath and reduce morbility.

This could really benefit the well being of people working in Nottingham, and offer them stress aliviation just from having contact with nature for a few minutes a day. Professionals have suggested that having contact with green spaces can trigger positive effects for people with high stress levels by shifting them to a more positive emotional state (Ulrich 1983; Ulrich et al. 1991). The psychological benefits are endless, and benefiting peoples mental state could have great effects for businesses in Nottingham.
Green idea
If it is not possible to create a large green space in Nottingham, maybe atrium spaces with light wells could be designed within buildings. This will inject buildings with a bit of nature, and promote mental well being in the workplace. 

After looking at examples online I have noticed that smaller spaces have used small walls as planters, and used the height of the plants as the room divide. Living walls also seems to be popular in small spaces, because one wall can be adapted easily with a variation of plants, to transform a space.
"Small atrium spaces provide natural light and other elements into office environments. This will allow people to connect to nature, while working within the office, which will benefit their well being."
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